House Calls

Our veterinary hospital offers a house call service
As an outreach to pet owners, who may for a variety of reasons find it difficult to transport their pets to the hospital, our veterinary hospital offers an active house call service. Our house call service includes the entire Central Arkansas area. Providing medical care for an animal in the home environment is convenient and reduces the stress on both the pet and pet owner. A special time in the life of an animal is when it is either facing a life threading injury or is simply too old and feeble to go on. At this point euthanasia is the final kindness that we can extend to our pets. This final act of kindness can be rendered by a veterinarian in the comfort of the home environment relieving much of the stress on both the owner and animal.

House calls include the services of one of our veterinarians and a veterinary assistant. There will be times when we will be unable to respond immediately to house call requests, but we pledge to make every effort to respond in a timely manner. House calls can always be scheduled ahead of time by calling 501-837-7106